Trixie Mattel Recaps Drag Race with Reality Recaps!

<.a href=>Eric Curto<./a> and <.a href=>Comedy Jonah<./a> from Reality Recaps are back with the legendary Trixie Mattel! Trixie first appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 when she placed sixth, with Violet Chachki winning the season, and then she was invited back to compete on All Stars 3 where she WON!  

Eric Curto and Comedy Jonah chatting all things Drag Race

They begin by discussing the cliffhanger we were left on last week, when all the eliminated queens returned but Ru didn’t reveal why. The episode ended with a lot of drama as no one was eliminated, but both top queens decided to send home Valentina. They continue to discuss the twist of the season; the eliminated queens return for a Maxi Challenge called LaLaPaRUza where eliminated queens must lip sync for their life against a remaining queen. The duos are Jasmine Masters against Trinty The Tuck, Farrah Moan against Valentina, Gia Gunn against Naomi Smalls and finally, Latrice Royal against Monique Heart. After recapping the lip syncs, Eric and Jon review the runway looks and conclude by discussing the outcome of the episode.

Eric Curto recapping Drag Race with Trixie

Now that the episode is recapped, it’s time to welcome the legend Trixie Mattel! Trixie begins by discussing the differences from Drag Race Season 6 to All Stars 1 as a competitor. Eric then begins with asking some fan questions to Trixie, who she's rooting for as well as who she thinks will win, what influenced her drag and her favorite looks she's ever accomplished. She continues to discuss her all-time favorite lip sync performance: Alyssa Edwards and Tatianna singing Shut Up And Drive from All Stars 2, Kennedy Davenport and Katya Zamolodchikova singing Roar from Season 7 and the one between Naomi Smalls and Gia Gunn from the current season. Trixie spills some tea on who she thinks shouldn't have been cast this season as well as who she would have sent home on this week's episode of Drag Race. Eric also asks Trixie about her All Star win, Trixie revealed that she found out she won in real time with the rest of the world because during the filming for the finale, they filmed three possible endings. They discuss Trixie's collaboration with the legendary Youtube star Jeffree Star and her upcoming documentary, where cameras followed her for over 6 months! Finally, Trixie spills who her favorite drag performers are; Coco Larue, Lady Bunny, Jacky Dee, Dina Martina and Tammie Brown. Don't forget to tune in next week to recap Drag Race with Eric and another special guest!