Monét X Change Recaps Drag Race Finale With Reality Recaps!

We've made it to the finale night of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 and  <.a href=>Eric Curto<./a> and <.a href=>Comedy Jonah<./a> from Reality Recaps are here to review the episode with All Stars 4 finalist Monét X Change! Monet first competed on Drag Race Season 10 where she placed sixth and won Miss Congeniality! She was then invited back to compete on All Stars 4 where *SPOILER ALERT* she won the crown with queen Trixie Mattel!      


Eric Curto recapping this week's episode with Comedy Jonah

Eric and Jon begin by discussing Latrice Royale's elimination,  they both felt like it was her time to go. They move on to discuss the Maxi Challenge where the queens had to write their own lyrics to a song and then perform a dance routine to it while singing to the judges. The 4 finalists also had the opportunity to join RuPaul and Michelle Visage on their podcast "What's the T.” Finally, they had to prepare a runway look for the theme "All Star Eleganza". They critique their performances as well as the runway looks and finish by recapping the outcome. Trinity and Monét BOTH winning the title! This is the first time two queens won a Drag Race season together. Eric and Jon agree that this finale was somewhat underwhelming with the lack of extravagance but that both queens deserve the win as they both slayed it this season.  

Eric Curto chatting with Monét X Change


It's time to say goodbye to Jon for one last time and welcome the one and only, Monét X Change! Eric jumps right into the fan questions. Monét wishes Shea Couleé from Season 9 and Miz Cracker from Season 10 would have been cast and hopes to see them on upcoming All Stars seasons. We found out what it means to her to be the first African American All Stars winner and what it was like to record the Pepsi Superbowl commercial with rap queen Cardi B. To end on a high note, Bob makes a special appearance! That's a wrap of the Reality Recaps All Stars 4 recaps with Eric Curto, see you next season!