Manila Luzon Recaps Drag Race with Reality Recaps!

The three-time RuPaul's Drag Race legend, Manila Luzon is here to chat with <.a href=>Eric Curto<./a> and <.a href=>Comedy Jonah<./a> from Reality Recaps all about this week's episode of All Stars! Manila is giving away a Manila Doll and a Manila Deck of Cards during this recap episode. Manila first competed on Drag Race Season 3 where she was the runner-up, Raja won the crown. She was later invited back to compete on All Stars 1 where she was paired up with Latrice Royale on Team Latrila and was eliminated early on in the season. Although Latrice and Manila returned to All Stars 4 together, they competed individually.

Eric Curto and Comedy Jonah chatting about Drag Race

Last week’s episode ended with the elimination of the one and only Manila and after recapping the episode, we have a chance to discuss it with her. This episode's challenge is dedicated to Judy Garland and in honor of her, the queens are matched up with their best friends and get the chance to transform them into Drag Queens. This episode was very emotional as we got a chance to see the remaining queens with their loved ones. Eric and Jon discuss the guests of the episode, the work room drama and move on to discuss the performances. After critiquing the queens and their loved ones, they discuss the final outcome of the episode, and how Manila gets eliminated. Naomi sent Manila home and did not follow the house rules of eliminated a queen based on their Drag Race report card. Instead she eliminated Manila because she’s seen as tough competition.

Guest start Manila Luzon chatting with Eric Curto

Now that the recap is done, it’s time to welcome queen Manila and ask her fan questions. Eric begins by asking Manila what her all time favorite Drag Race lip sync performance was and she confesses that it was when Sahara Davenport and Morgan McMichaels sang Martha Wash’s “Carry On” during Season 2, she also discussed who she’s rooting for in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 and her favorite looks from this season. She continues to discusses her elimination and what it was like having her husband there to be put in drag as well as having him there after the elimination. Manila reveals that she would return to compete in a 3rd All Stars season if she could and we hope we'll get to see her compete again! Stay tuned for next week's show with another special guest from Drag Race!