Ginger Minj Recaps Drag Race with Reality Recaps!

With only two episode's of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars remaining, it's time for <.a href=>Eric Curto<./a> and <.a href=>Comedy Jonah<./a> from Reality Recaps to review this week's episode and guess what? Surprise guest Ginger Minj from Season 7 and All Stars 2 is here and ready to talk all things Drag Race. Ginger was the runner-up on Season 7, with Violet Chachki winning the title, and then was invited back to compete on All Stars 2 but sadly was eliminated on the third episode.

Reality Recap's Eric Curto and Comedy Jonah chatting all thing Drag Race

Eric and Jon begin their recap by discussing last week's elimination as it was extremely controversial. All the past eliminations have been based on everyone's report card and how they were doing on the season but this time, Naomi revealed she sent Manila home because she doesn't trust her. Eric and Jon continue to discuss the Maxi Challenge, a mockumentary “Sex and The Kitty, Girl 3," a parody of Sex and the City. Latrice Royal was Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Mońet X Change played Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Naomi Smalls was Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Trinity The Tuck was Samantha (Kim Cattrall), and Monique Heart was Lexi (Kristen Johnston). They critique how well the queens embodied their Sex And The City character while also discussing other casting options that could have been better. They continue by critiquing the runway challenge, their favorite looks of the episode and who they think should have been in the Top Two. As the episode comes to an end, Eric reveals his top pick for the crown is Trinity the Tuck and Jon's top pick is Monét X Change.

Ginger Minj chatting with Eric Curto

It's time to welcome comedy queen Ginger Minj! Ginger begins by updating us on her life post Drag Race, and speaks about the TV and film projects she’s working on. Eric then begins with fan questions discussing her term "Glamour Toad” and asking her who she thinks will win this season. They continue with who Ginger would be if she was able to redo Snatch Game mentioning names like Abby Lee Miller, Ross Mathews or Heidi Klum. We find out that Ginger also watches Dance Moms, Love Island and the Real World on MTV. She tells us how she wants to play Ursula in the upcoming remake of the Little Mermain and how Billboard agrees.

Don't forget to tune in next week for the Finale recap with a special guest from RuPaul's Drag Race!