Eureka O'Hara Recaps Drag Race with Reality Recaps!

Special guest Eureka O'Hara from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 and 10 joins <.a href=>Eric Curto<./a> and <.a href=>Comedy Jonah<./a> from Reality Recaps to discuss last week's episode of All Stars 4! Eureka first competed on Drag Race in 2017 on Season 9 but was eliminated early on due to an injury. RuPaul invited her back to compete on Season 10 where she was the runner-up, Aquaria winning the crown.  

Eric Curto and Comedy Jonah preparing for Eureka O'Hara

They begin with recapping the drama associated with Manila and last week's elimination. Eric and Jon can't seem to contain their excitement when it comes to this week's Maxi Challenge- The Funeral Roast of Lady Bunny! A comedy challenge with an Angelic White runway look to top it off, the queens were in for a major challenge this week. Eric and Jon discuss how this challenge is truly fit for a comedy queen, so if comedy isn't your specialty *COUGH* Valentina *COUGH* then this week may not be so easy. Monet opened the roast, and she did an incredible job, up next was Trinity who was not as comedic as expected, Monique Heart followed Trinity, then came Naomi who was at least laughing at her own jokes, next up was Valentina who did not have enough time to finish her look and finally Manila closed the show, absolutely killing it! Eric and Jon continue to discuss the top two, and the bottom four and how RuPaul dropped the ball telling the bottom four queens to lip sync for their life.

Eureka and Eric discussing this week's episode of All Stars

Eric says goodbye to Jon and hello to Eureka! He begins by asking Eureka some fan questions, what she's been up to, who she thinks should not have been cast on this season and spills some tea about her friendship with Trinity the Tuck. Eric continues with other fan questions like her winner predictions for All Stars 4 and her all time favorite lip sync performances, Alyssa Edwards versus Coco Montrese on Season 5 performing “Cold Hearted”. Eureka continues with discussing who else she would of loved to see on All Stars like Shea Couleé from Season 9, Laila McQueen from Season 8, Mrs. Kasha Davis from Season 7, Tempest DuJour from Season 7 and Acid Betty from Season 8. She believes that the underdogs deserve a second chance. Eureka also discussed other things like what influenced her drag, how she got her drag name, some behind the scenes Drag Race moments and which drag queen she would want to be for a day, that queen being Alaska! She reveals that she came from a small town, never really traveled but being on Drag Race taught her about larger communities and what the world's like outside of her small town. Don't forget to tune in next week for another recap with Eric and a surprise guest!